Handpan Gathering
near Berlin

07.07. - 09.07. 2023

We are a passionate Berlin community of handpan enthusiasts, players and makers. Open to all kinds of new encounters and experiences, we hold the beautiful vision of creating a space for meeting and exchanging our love for the handpan.

At Pangonia you'll have the opportunity to witness some of the world's most talented handpan players showcase their skills, as well as participate in workshops, jam sessions, and other activities that celebrate this captivating instrument at a beautiful lakeside location. Whether you're a seasoned handpan enthusiast or simply curious about this mesmerizing instrument, come and join us on this fantastic journey, exploring the magic of the handpan.


David Kuckhermann, Nadishana - Somos, Amy Naylor, MEA, Edoardo Ponticelli, Kirill Osherov, Mayiia, Connor Shafran and Mandakini


Take your playing to the next level - or join other workshops like Qi Gong, Yoga and Sound Healing.


A beautiful lakeside location close to Potsdam, with camping, fireplace and chill spaces.