Update June 2023:

The regular Pangonia tickets are sold out, but there is still a chance:
There are a few reserved tickets that have not been paid yet and that might become available again. If you contact us soon, chances are quite high that you can join us. Please write an email to or talk directly to one of the ambassadors and we will see what we can do.

Day tickets / day passes

Additionally we decided to provide 20x day tickets for both Friday (40€) and Saturday (60€) which includes all workshops, concerts and a whole lot of handpan magic. You just won't be able to stay overnight, as the amount of space for tents is the limiting factor for having more guests. To get a day ticket, please write an email to or talk directly to one of the ambassadors.

Ticket Info:

For this year, the Pangonia Handpan Gathering is planned as a small community gathering with about 100 attendees. We decided on purpose to start small and grow together as a crew before we open up to a bigger audience in the coming years. Pangonia 2023 is a private, non-commercial event to gather the Berlin community. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and will participate at their own risk.

We have calculated a fee that covers the cost of the concerts, workshops, food, activities and equipment of 95€ per person. Should a surplus be generated, it will be used for Pangonia festival in 2024 and events for the Berlin community. We are keeping the ticket prices low on purpose to create a community event everyone can afford. It will be much appreciated if you can also contribute and try to help out with little things at the venue, e.g. take a volunteer shift to support running the event.

Because we have a small number of tickets and also to reduce costs, we decided to sell our tickets not through a ticketing service but directly in person. There are 2 ways to get a ticket:

(1) Come to our Handpan Meetups. Enjoy the evening and jam together with other Berlin handpan players. You can directly buy a ticket there from the organizers. At the meetups we offer a reduced price of 90€.

(2) There are several ambassadors that you can meet up with and directly buy tickets from:
Felix (Trepow) -
Josef (Treptow) - - 0157 81629420
Violet (online) -
Walta (Friedrichshain) - - 0176 57988112

Ticket Prices:
Regular Ticket: 95€
Reduced Ticket at the monthly handpan meetup: 90€
Kids (age 6-13): 55€
Infants (age 0-5): free entry
Day pass Friday: 40€
Day pass Saturday: 60€
You will receive an individual hardcopy ticket stating your ticket number when buying the tickets in person. Otherwise you will receive it when arriving at the location.